Prayers for our Children as they begin a new School Year.

Prayer for a child starting school for the first time. 

Dear ………(Child’s name)

I thank God for providing the opportunity and resources for you to enroll in school. I thank God that I am alive to witness this day. 

I pray the Lord to grant you peace, courage, and strength as you spend time with other children and adults. 

And as you play and learn with them, I pray the Lord to give you divine wisdom and understanding. May the Holy Spirit continuously speak to you in that still small voice.  

Child’s name……..No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. 

Remember that you are special, you are a chosen generation and a child after God’s own heart. 



Prayer for a child starting a new school year. 

Dear…..child’s name 

Wisdom and peace shall not depart from you as you step into a new school year. I declare that this school year shall be your best yet. We shall hear good reports from your teachers. Your talent, divine gifts, and purpose shall make you shine.

The angels of God shall shield you and protect from bad influence, harm and danger. May you be a good example to other children. May you learn to love others and lend a helping hand whenever you can. 

Child’s name………, may you learn good manners, acquire new knowledge and stay true to yourself. 

Remember, you are special. 



The First Time I pumped in the Lactation Room

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The first time I pumped in the lactation room was the day I got discharged from the hospital without my son Legend. I cried while I pumped, not realizing that I was spilling the milk pumped. Not only was I wet when I finished pumping, I felt sad, overwhelmed, lost, dirty but grateful for the support I received from the Doctors, nurses, lactation staff and my family.
Although we were told that our baby would be in the NICU after birth, nothing prepared me for the reality of going home without a baby. I felt incomplete. I felt like a part of me was left behind.
I found consolation in the breastfeeding support I received, which I didn’t get much of when I had my first child.
I was really looking forward to breastfeeding and bonding with my son, but my hope was crushed when I was told that he couldn’t have breast milk as part of his treatment plan. I consoled myself with pumping and saving milk continued hoping that I would successfully breastfeed him someday.

Plum Baby Food

Plums are yummy and help prevent constipation. They are a healthy addition to your baby’s meals. You can combine plums with a variety of fruits and vegetables to make yummy purees for baby.


Here is a simple and delicious recipe.

If it is possible, use organic fruits and veggies.

What you need:

  • Plums
  • Carrot
  • Apple(red delicious or gala)

All ingredients one to one ratio

  • What to do:
  • Wash and dice all fruits
  • Steam for 5-8mins
  • Transfer to mason jar, insert hand blender and puree to desired consistency. Cover mason jar and store in the fridge for 2-3days.

Alternatively, transfer food to a processor or blender and puree.



Blueberry Apple Baby Food

Applesauce is a common baby food. Add blueberries to it and your baby will have a yummy and brain boosting dish to enjoy. It’s pretty easy to make. Just toss some fresh or frozen blueberries to your peeled and cut apples. Cook as you would applesauce and then blend to desired consistency.




What you need:

2 medium apples

A handful blueberries


What to do:

Peel and dice apples

Add blueberries and a little water. Cook for 5-8mins

Blend or mash to desired consistency


Reliable websites for Child Nutrition Information

Do a quick search online and you will find varying information about how and what to feed your children. If you are ever in doubt, these websites have reliable and researched information. from American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP)

I hope these websites are helpful.



Infant Potty Training

Once bitten, twice shy.

Potty training bit me once and I got ready the second time around.

Potty training is a big aspect of parenting and I am dedicating a section of my blog to it.

I’m currently potty training both of my kids- one toddler and one baby. The experience is something to write about.

I’ll share my infant potty training journey with you and why I chose(and will always choose) this route.

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Pineapple baby food

My baby is not a big fan of pineapple. So, we are still figuring pineapple baby food out. I remember when my toddler was still teething, she ate pineapples and it made her gums bleed. We weren’t sure if the pineapples made her gums bleed or she bit her lower gums with her two upper brand new teeth.
To play safe, I mixed pineapples with other fruits that we have already introduced to make this puree for my baby.
What you need:
1/2 cup Pineapples diced
1 medium pear- peeled and diced
1 medium Apple – peeled and diced
1/2 cup water
What to do:
  • Cook all ingredients for 8-10minutes.
  •  Blend to desired consistency.

Product review- Re-play Dishware

Re-play is simply children’s dishware manufactured in the U.S.A with recyclyed FDA approved food safe plastics.

Photo credit: @re-play Instagram

I first noticed these bright colored products in the baby section of my local grocery store. I hadn’t seen them before and right way, I searched on Instagram, found them and got some samples. The colors are beautiful, the products are sturdy and my toddler eats with her divided plates almost everyday. In fact, her daddy asked me yesterday if that’s the only plate she has…lol

Photo credit: @re-play Instagram

But last week, I had an experience that really prompted this elaborate review.

I was doing the dishes, forgot a re-play spoon in the sink hole, turned on the Insinkerator and heard a crackling sound- oh my world! I was sure that I was going to pick up plastic crumbles from the sink hole.

To my surprise, the spoon remained intact with a little scratch. Now, that’s a strong plastic. How would I have explained to my toddler that her “green spoon” is broken?

We also love the snack pods/snack stacks. They are convenient and simple to use.

Photo credit: @re-play Instagram
Photo credit: @re-play Instagram

These products are easy to find. You can find them in Walmart, HEB, on their website( and amazon as well.

They also have gift cards- perfect for a baby shower gift.

Do you use these products? Please feel free to share your experience.