Product review- Re-play Dishware

Re-play is simply children’s dishware manufactured in the U.S.A with recyclyed FDA approved food safe plastics.

Photo credit: @re-play Instagram

I first noticed these bright colored products in the baby section of my local grocery store. I hadn’t seen them before and right way, I searched on Instagram, found them and got some samples. The colors are beautiful, the products are sturdy and my toddler eats with her divided plates almost everyday. In fact, her daddy asked me yesterday if that’s the only plate she has…lol

Photo credit: @re-play Instagram

But last week, I had an experience that really prompted this elaborate review.

I was doing the dishes, forgot a re-play spoon in the sink hole, turned on the Insinkerator and heard a crackling sound- oh my world! I was sure that I was going to pick up plastic crumbles from the sink hole.

To my surprise, the spoon remained intact with a little scratch. Now, that’s a strong plastic. How would I have explained to my toddler that her “green spoon” is broken?

We also love the snack pods/snack stacks. They are convenient and simple to use.

Photo credit: @re-play Instagram
Photo credit: @re-play Instagram

These products are easy to find. You can find them in Walmart, HEB, on their website( and amazon as well.

They also have gift cards- perfect for a baby shower gift.

Do you use these products? Please feel free to share your experience.


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